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PLP Logo rectangleWe are a coaching consultancy that uses sport psychology theories, principles, and techniques to provide a bespoke service for today’s leader. We partner with business leaders, athletes and sport coaches who struggle with motivation, dealing with pressure, confidence, concentration, and building effective teams so they can enhance their mental toughness, enhance the mental toughness of their teams, and inspire a winning mentality.

We provide a results-focused, bespoke service to help clients:

• Thrive, both professionally and personally
• Bring more depth and focus to challenges
• Overcome obstacles
• Learn how to coach, delegate, and empower their teams to achieve exceptional performance
• Create transformational results in their organization

Everyone is a leader. By recognizing the power you hold in the workplace, at home, and in the world and by squarely confronting and overcoming the specific challenges of your daily life, you will be able to appreciate and manifest your own profound potential. And lead yourself and others to achieve extraordinary things.

Our recent work includes projects for The Lincoln Motor Company and City of Detroit.

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We create workshops for businesses and events on a number of topics including effective leadership, resiliency, effective communication, motivation, high performing teams, stress and burnout, and mental toughness, among others. We provide a bespoke service so please contact us to discuss your needs.

One-On-One Performance and Leadership Coaching

Our performance and leadership coaching provides a tailored service that is client-focused and results-driven. We establish a relationship based on trust, collaboration, and integrity, focused on the needs and growth of the client in a context that has high-performance expectations. Please contact us to discuss your needs or for a copy of our Client Information Pack.


We create and deliver workshops for sports teams at high school, college and professional levels. Topics include resiliency, effective communication, motivation, high performing teams, stress and burnout, and mental toughness, among others. We also provide one-on-one mental skills coaching. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


Public Speaking

We speak at events on a number of topics including effective leadership, resiliency, effective communication, motivation, high performing teams, stress and burnout, and mental toughness, among others.

Meeting Facilitation

We provide a facilitation service to ensure your meetings run as effectively as possible. We ask challenging questions, make sure everyone is heard, and follow up on items discussed, decisions made, and deadlines set to be sure your needs are met.


The MTQ48 assessment is a unique 48-item high-quality psychometric tool that provides a quick and reliable measure of an individual’s ability to withstand pressure in a wide range of environments. It measures Mental Toughness in terms of the 4 core components – control, commitment, challenge, and confidence. Mental Toughness describes the mindset that every person adopts in everything they do. It is closely related to qualities such as character, resilience, grit, etc. Most psychometrics focus on the measurement of behaviors (how we act) and attributes (how we feel) – mental toughness looks at how we think which is a key driver for the development of behavior and attributes.

We are able to assess mental toughness in individuals and groups through the MTQ48. It is a normative measure which enables users to assess mental toughness before and after an event such as a training & development or coaching programme.

The MTQ48 provides a highly effective and user friendly set of reports designed for optimum impact in a wide range of scenarios. Click here to purchase one of our assessments.


Meet Lianne


I had the privilege to attend an event where Lianne was one of the coaches. What I appreciated about Lianne’s coaching is its real world application. Life, and especially work, is not always puppy dogs and rainbows, Lianne acknowledged that, and gave specific exercises that can be done that not only boost performance, but help you get through the daily challenges successfully. Lianne’s confidence is clearly seen and felt as soon as you meet her, which make the words that follow carry more weight. Personally, I have benefited by using Lianne’s techniques and have seen improvement in my work and in my home life. I am not an easily impressed individual, but Lianne far exceeded my expectations and I know for sure that if given the opportunity, she will be a valuable asset to any company or individual that is looking to boost their performance and reach their goals.

Service Advisor/ Lincoln Concierge Long McArthur Ford-Lincoln

Lianne worked with Reading Football Club Academy under 18 Team during the 2007 / 2008 season. Her excellent educational background in sport psychology and her significant effort and commitment, allied to very good inter-personal skills mean that she has made a difference to us. In the difficult world of football she has established relationships with the players and the staff that have been very beneficial. She has improved our performance by working with the team as a group and as individuals. This has included goal setting, image awareness, motivation and individual development.

Academy Manager
 Reading FC

Lianne worked fortnightly with the squad. The sessions had around 15 players. As Head Coach I did not take part in any sessions, but it was clear for all to see that the workshops had a profound effect on players’ discipline and ability to see themselves as part of a bigger picture. Players found the sessions easy to operate in, constantly expressed their pleasure in what the sessions did for them and the team, and asked me to extend the time Lianne had with the squad. My experience working with Lianne is that she is a consummate professional and have found her very experienced in other sporting spheres to be of use when working with our group of players. A testament to her role in our set up was the success we gained at the Youth Talent Cup ’09. We recorded the highest position ever by an English team in 60 years of playing, reaching the final and producing a team ethic/winning mentality never seen before.

Head Coach U-21
 England Korfball Association

I was looking for a coach to help me deal specifically with maintaining focus during and in planning for events. I was impressed by Lianne’s breadth of experience and non-sports exclusive background, which was well communicated in her website and reinforced in our initial meeting. Lianne’s approach to each session is well prepared, but flexible and responsive to my needs. Meetings are relaxed, when we have worked through exercises they are relevant and I am very pleased that they have proved to be effective for me to use in training and competition. Her feedback is comprehensive, re-capping the key points of the session and offering the opportunity for further discussion or clarification. I have no hesitation in writing that my experience of working with Lianne has brought a new and effective approach to training, an enhanced enjoyment of my sport and a renewed sense of personal achievement.

Triathlete Brighton, UK

Coaching with Lianne was eye-opening for me. With her help, I better understood myself, where I was going and why. She helped me uncover challenges, passions and action plans that I otherwise may not have pinpointed. She is an impressive listener with a keen skill for analysis.

Executive Michigan

Lianne understands performance coaching for the top athlete like no one else I’ve met. Her work with my son employed practical mental exercises that resulted in tangible positive difference in his sport. It can be very difficult to engage a teen in such activities, but Lianne’s easy yet firm and credible demeanor draws people in and gets them doing and thinking differently. Add to that she has a genuine care as a mom and a person and hers is a distinct competitive advantage in the world of performance coaching.

Parent Michigan

I always left coaching sessions with Lianne feeling like a million bucks. As though anything I think or dream up for myself can happen – I just need to do it. She helped me to cultivate a sense of professional self-awareness that had been lacking, and provided useful tools and exercises for challenging my thought patterns and modifying my approach with colleagues and to assignments. Her authenticity and empathy, combined with her utmost professionalism, made coaching sessions feel like the most productive of conversations with a trusted friend. Anyone who has yet to think about where they want to be in ten years – or to realize that they have every power and proficiency within to influence the outcome – needs to meet with Lianne. Coaching is a gift you give yourself.

Executive Michigan

I had the privilege of participating in the Lincoln Academy Immersion in Dallas in March of 2015. Lianne was a coach during that session and her training and approach was very insightful. Her innovative yet simple techniques simplified my ability to be aware of how and why we become inconsistent in our performance. Whether a professional or amateur athlete or a General Manager of a dealership, Lianne’s methods can and WILL improve anyone’s ability to maximize their performance with simple exercises that everyone should practice. I would highly recommend Lianne for the leadership in any company or any profession where the mind can be the major road block preventing maximum performance. I personally intend to practice her techniques for years to come!

General Manager Davis-Moore Lincoln

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